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  • Motorcycle & Road Enthusiasts

    Winding Challenging Roads for all Motorsport Enthusiast

    Tail of the Dragon

    With it’s breathtaking scenery and challenging twisting roadway, the stretch of US129 known as the Tail of the Dragon is world renown as one of the most popular places to ride for motorcycle and road enthusiasts. The Dragon for most begins in North Carolina at Fugitive Bridge with a view of the Cheoah Dam and ends 14 miles across the mountain at the Tabcat Creek Bridge in Tennessee.

    On one end of the trail is the Slide, a steep series of S  curves which will push your riding abilities in an exhilarating way. The road then give riders a brief reprieve and levels and straightens until breaking into another stretch of curves. After this stretch riders come across popular hangout for road enthusiasts call the Crossroads of Time. Next comes Deals Gap and the Tennessee State Line. All in all the main thing riders will remember will be a white knuckled ride bouncing them curve after curve and giving them the ride of their lives.

    The Tail of the Dragon can be ridden year round with different experiences to be had with each season. Wildlife such as bear and dear can be spotted almost year round. The winter months (October – April) make for a beautiful but more challenging roadway that is definitely not for the weak of heart! Snow and ice can come as early as Halloween, but when riding conditions allow, the winter months can be some of the most beautiful to ride.

    The beginning of spring (April – May) can be some of the best times to ride as the roads are clear of their winter hazards and the traffic is still relatively low. The summer months bring many tourists the area giving the Tail of the Dragon the new added hazard of heavier traffic. It is highly recommended to take the Tail at different times of the year as it will provide a different experience each and every time. Also, every week on the Tail is a different featured event guaranteed to provide something for everyone!

    For More Information www.tailofthedragon.com/

    Cherohala Skyway

    This stretch of winding highway was completed in 1996 after thirty plus years in the making and carrying a price-tag of $100,000,000. Connecting Robbinsville, North Carolina with Tellico Plans, Tennessee, the Skyway sweeps up and over 5,400 feet of mountains and then decends into scenic thick forests of Tennessee. Along its winding path, the Skyway cuts through two national forests – The Cherokee and Nantahala National Forests.

    Beyond the challenging roadways, the scenery alone is enough to attract anyone not just the motorcylce and road enthusiasts. Thick forests, sweeping waterfalls, fish abundunt streams and rolling mountains all make up the face of this majestic stretch of highway. However, don t let the beautiful scenery catch you asleep at the wheel . The Cherohala is beautiful but also can be very dangerous if not ridden with caution and respect. Many of the tightest curves on the trail can come up on riders unexpectedly. The challenging roadway is absolutely exhilerating and dangerous at the same time and is a MUST experience for road enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

    Just like Tail of the Dragon, the different seasons will provide different riding experiences on the Cherohala. Winters can be treacherous and need to be ridden with caution. Even the summer months can be extremely chilly on the mile high roadway and warm clothing is recommended in addition to nerves of steel!

    All in all, there are very few roadways in the world that are as beautiful, exhilerating, challenging and rewarding as the Cherohala Skyway. It is a must must experience for all bikers and road warriors.

    For More Information www.cherohala.com/

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